In marketing, a call to action is an instruction to your customer that is intended to incite an immediate response or conversion, usually using an authoritative verb such as “call now”, “find out more here” or “visit our store today”.

If you are like us and have been searching online and found yourself downloading Dropbox, the latest nutrition e-book or Evernote, you will likely find that each of the downloads you have made are due to a catchy or effective call to action button or message that immediately shows you what you are looking for.

Consequently this type of marketing is essential for all types of businesses, particularly those advertising online or via digital marketing.  By understanding what your main goal is, you can tailor your call to action message to suit.  Do you want subscriptions, online purchases or downloads?  Each message should be effectively communicating the benefits of acting on your site.  What will your customer get for hitting your call to action button?

Some examples of CTA buttons that you might provide your customer to help them make the decision to purchase now might include:
  • Buy now
  • Click now
  • Sign up for free
  • Get started today
  • Offer expires soon
  • Join us now
  • Limited stocks available
  • Claim your free trial
  • Order before midnight to receive a gift
  • Two for the price of one for first 10 callers
  • Let’s start today
  • Join the club now
  • Find our more here
  • Grab it now
  • Get a taste of success here

Further, the key to a powerful call to action is to provide consumers with compelling reason to purchase promptly rather than delay their purchase decision.  It is also important to draw your consumer’s attention to the call to action button or message with some best practice elements that can increase your chances of success.  Elements to think about include size, colour, wording, contrast, position and urgency.

Most of all, when it comes to finding the right call to action, it needs a strong focus on what you want to achieve without annoying the consumer.  Focus on the perception of value.  How will your call to action reflect on your business?  Your call to action should help the consumer and improve your sales long term.

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