Key messaging – the better way to increase website conversion

Have you been to a website, looked at their content and images and still didn’t understand the key messaging they were trying to deliver? Yes, then you won’t be surprised the know there are thousands of these websites currently clogging up our internet searches. Many of these businesses invested an excess of time and money into building a beautiful website and service.  What they overlooked is a crucial element that can make the difference between a client calling and a bounced visitor – the businesses key messaging.

Therefore with all the time you invest into your business and website, it would be disastrous if no one understood what your business is selling. The messaging in your website, including content and images, are the core of how you communicate the key benefits that your business offers. Clearly communicating your point of difference and the value your product or service offers is something all business owners should get right.

Time poor and restless website visitors

We all want our website to look amazing and aesthetics are still important, but tweaking website design to increase clicks will be effective to a point. The colour of your Call-to-Action button won’t make any difference to your visitor.  Especially if they don’t understand what value your business offers them.

Your website content needs to align to the key drivers of your target consumer. If your website does not communicate your value in the first paragraph then chances are your potential client will just bounce off your website and find your nearest competitor.

Put simply, your website visitor should be able to figure out what your website is about in the first few seconds of landing on your home page. With visitors having an extremely short attention span – as little as 15 seconds according to Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat – your business can’t afford not to have well thought out copy that captures their interest and imagination.

Get your key messaging right

Communicating your key messaging clearly isn’t always as easy as it sounds. First, it’s a common mistake to believe your visitors see your website the way you do and already know the benefits of the product or service you offer. You need to take the time to consider what your visitors know or don’t know. Think of your site as a tutoring platform for your product and services, educating your visitors correctly is dependent upon your website messaging being right.

Think about your business core values, what you offer and what your business stands for. Are you energetic, supportive, efficient, dependable, insightful, innovative or knowledgeable? Think about your target audience, and what kinds of information they want and expect to receive from you. Do you need to cater for a specific client background or culture? Do they expect formality, creativity or empathy? Your key messaging should not be just about you, it should be specific and connect with your audience needs.

Furthermore, many businesses fall into the trap of throwing around exciting buzz words that sound sensational but do little to tell your potential client what you provide. Keep your communication clear, concise and compelling.

Clear, concise and compelling

Your website content needs to be a clear, concise, and compelling, using language that is understood by your audience.

Ask yourself:
  • Who are our target audience?
  • What is your business about?
  • How will this type of visitor react to the messages you are delivering?
  • What makes you different?
  • Does the target audience already know about your offering?
  • Will your audience find interesting?
  • How might your visitors object to the key messaging?
  • Have you set the right expectations for your visitors?

You may think what you’re saying is perfectly clear, but if you don’t use the language of your target audience, if you don’t tailor your content so that it’s relevant to each type of visitor, you will not reach your communication or conversion goals.

What’s your elevator pitch

When you meet someone for the first time and describe your business –

  • Do you use the same words displayed on the home page of your website?
  • Will your new visitor understand your offering, or do they need more information?

If they need further details, perhaps your elevator pitch and content is not clear enough and needs some refining.

Think about your homepage elevator pitch text and how you can enhance it to clearly describe what you offer.  Then use carefully selected imagery or icons to further elevate your key messaging and values. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Clear Call to Action

Your website should be designed to effectively allow your visitors to contact you or make a purchase. A clear call-to-action communicating where to BUY or how to CALL, is a critical aspect of a successful website.

Take the Challenge

Further, here’s a fun social experiment – Ask some people who are not familiar with your business to read your homepage. Don’t let them click through to different pages. (If they need to click through your site to understand your business, then that is a problem.) After they have read your homepage, ask them to explain to you what your website is about. This can be a fun and sometime daunting task, but their responses are the keys to getting your messaging right. Is your business brave enough to take the challenge and ask?

Content that clearly communicates your value can effectively turn your website into an engine for engaging visitors and boosting credibility.  Lastly, if you would like more information about getting your key messaging right, why not get in touch.

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